Welcome! This site has photos and stories from some of our trips in the great outdoors. That includes rock and ice climbing, camping, sea-kayaking, hiking and lots of sheep farming as well - in both our country of Scotland and on trips afar. We stay in the village of Fortrose, Scotland near to the highlands, home of some great mountains, coastal and island scenery. We get out into the mountains most weekends or more but escape from the variable weather to sunnier climates abroad whenever we can!
hayduke trail
the Hayduke
Our spring 2014 hike and scramble through the beautiful canyon country of south western USA
Continental Divide Trail
5 months in 2009 hiking the US rockies between Mexico and Canada on the CDT
cdt big sky
Big Sky CDT alt
Maps and directions for a 350 mile variation to the Continental Divide Trail in the area of Yellowstone National Park
sheep adoration
Sheep adoration
Explore a world where sheep roam freely and happily. Find out about sheep breeds at the rannich farm and all things sheep!
Pacific Crest Trail
Our first US crossing by foot through California, Oregon and Washington states in 1998
Photo gallery
Photos from our our climbing, hiking, skiing and kayaking trips
A wee walk blogs
Blog of our long walks here..
coast to coast
Coast to Coast
Our hike across Northern England
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